Testimonials from Parents regarding the work of Touch Trust

Thank you so much for keeping a place open for Leo. The Touch Trust has made such a difference to Leo's progress over the past year. Leo was diagnosed with autism aged 2 and a half. He has learnt social behaviours such as turn taking, listening to others, waiting and sharing. He has improved his eye contact and concentration and is trying to be more patient and tolerant of others. He is able to 'relax' for a moment and is clearly aware of mood. But most of all, he has been able to have fun and enjoy himself.

Before coming to the Touch Trust, Leo was a sad, distressed, angry and frustrated little boy. He was difficult to reach out to and rejected others. The Touch Trust staff accepted this without question. They began to work with Leo knowing little about his background- just accepting him as a person and working to improve his low levels of confidence and self esteem. It has been a pleasure to watch Leo unwind and develop. Sincere thanks to all at the Touch Trust.

Joanna - Mother of Guest, Leo 

Dear Dilys, I write to express my appreciation in respect of the progress and improvements I have noted in disposition and comprehension levels being displayed by my son, Stephen, following his being introduced to touch therapy some 2 years ago.

As you know, Stephen is classically autistic and does not possess the gift of speech. His world therefore was bleak and limited in prospect . . . He is now far better equipped to engage with lif and the particular challenges he faces. So very innovative a concept, touch therapy surely represents the future, a future which could be so much enhanced for individuals who, like Stephen, suffer misfortune either from birth or some subsequent event. You will, I trust, continue to promote touch therapy to the point at which ti is recognised nationally. To this end I pledge whatever support you consider I might render.

Clive Davies - Father of Guest, Stephen


We are finding that Suzanne is far more alert, using her eyes more, listening in depth and trying to speak more. We are so pleased. The only changes we have ever seen are since she started coming to the Touch Trust. It is great to get feedback from her carers who have also noticed these improvements and now she has started talking to me. The Touch Trust has helped us as parents immensely. If Suzanne is happy, we are happy. Thank you everyone for helping to improve Suzie’s life quality.

Marilyn - Mother of Guest, Suzanne


Testimonial from a school

We are a primary school that caters for pupils who are physically challenged, have communication difficulties and are diagnosed on the autistic spectrum disorder. Each afternoon sessions take place and they are very popular with both pupils and staff.
The staff quickly recognised the values of Touch Therapy for all our pupils and were instrumental in finding sponsors to assist the school in opening our very own Touch Trust therapy room where we hold daily sessions for all our pupils.Touch Therapy is now an integral part of our curriculum. Our sessions are fun, rewarding, relaxing, stimulating and inspiring. They offer both children and staff a very special time where individuals are valued and respected.

The sessions involve interactions that build on the uniqueness of each individual allowing opportunities for meaningful communication and social awareness. Every session follows a basic pattern but improvisation is key to adapting to the needs of the individual. It is this very improvisation that stimulates the child to ensure maximum participation and a sense of achievement.

Head Teacher, The Hollies School for Autism