Founder & Retired Director of Touch Trust Charity Ltd

Touch Trust is an unique charity housed in the iconic Wales Millennium Centre . We welcome profoundly disabled people  ( birth to old age),including those suffering with dementia ,challenging behaviour & autism . The sensory & movement sessions bring about miracles for the guests themselves ,but also for their carers & families because of its empowering & powerful  life affirming stress release ,wellbeing, development and inclusion successes. I am proud that I have been able to copyright and license the program  with the plan to take it to those many more  who could benefit from  its unique power and beauty.
I want to reach the world!

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My Background ​

I have been a very influential force in the inclusion and the respect for children and adults with special needs since the 1970s, when responsibility for ESN children went from the Health Board into the Education Department. I was a young Dance lecturer then in Cardiff College of Higher Education and   I was brought in by the Inspectorate to help this development of education for those children previously seen as “uneducable” and so I began to focus on special schools of all types.

This led me to innovative work with my students in schools and also in Ely Hospital for the Mentally Handicapped, Whitchurch Hospital and Day Centres. Because my work was seen as innovative and successful, I was asked to lecture here in UK and even in USA.

In the ‘80’s I started a Major Adaptive Physical Education for Special Needs in Cardiff Physical Education Department, which became therefore the first to run a Major Option in Adaptive Movement in the UK.

Following this I was part of the team that built the Wales Sports Centre for the Disabled in the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC), a breakthrough for equality and respect based on the Illinois University model. This has continued to develop and became in 2012 the important Inclusion Fitness Centre it is today, opened in time for the disabled athletes to train for the Paralympics.

Finally, I had the dream of a Centre in a beautiful public place, which would be accessible and integrative, for those adults and children with the most profound disabilities (so often isolated and unhappy because they are barred from the community). This came to fruition in 2004. Touch Trust became one of the seven Artistic Residents in the iconic Wales Millennium Centre, because of the power of my (copyrighted) art of movement programme, focussing on touch, music, connection, breath and fun.

​Achievements & Awards

·          Silver Medallist at British Parachute Nationals for Freestyle 2000

·         Understanding Disability- Understanding  Disability Group /Cardiff &Vale Parents Association 2002

·         Significant Contribution to the Arts in Wales - Inspire Wales Award    2012

·         Special Inspirational Lifetime Achievement Award –Understanding Disability Group/Cardiff & the Vale Parents Association    2013

·         Lifetime Achievement Award - National Diversity Awards    2014

·         Lifetime Achievement Award – Wales Care Awards  2014

​·         Old & Bold Award Royal Aero Club Great Britain 2015


​·          Pride of Britain Award 2017​ - Special Recognition Award​​​